Factors that Contribute to a Healthy and Happy Baby

By | September 16, 2018

There are plenty of things to look out for while shopping for a newborn baby. The first objective is to make sure that the little one does not inhale poisonous gases either with the clothing that s/he uses or sleeps in. While shopping for a baby mattress it is imperative to follow the basic rules:

•The size must be right otherwise it can cause serious damage to the baby later on. If the mattress is, too small it can cause serious suffocation and ditto if it is too large. The general tone is to have two-finger space from the frame of the bed and the side of the mattress. In short, it must fit snugly.

•The material must be water resistant with triple reinforcement that can tackle anything from soggy diapers, tears, or damage.

•Never opt for soft and spongy bedding – for a baby firmness (not hardness) is essential. What may appear stiff to an adult is ideal for the baby. The best way to figure out what is ideal for the child is to press the center of the bedding as well as the corners and the edges. If it springs back fast and does not sink in or conforms to the hand, you have the right product.

•Is there enough space for the material to breathe with vent holes to permit airflow in and out. This enables proper ventilation so that any odors escape and since diapers do have a tendency to leak, this is extremely important.

•Second hand mattresses are okay if it has been treated carefully. Usually it is better to use this from a family member who is meticulous about airing out the bedding and ensuring that no bacteria have infiltrated.

•Never buy airbeds, air pillows, waterbeds, water pillows for a baby. This is a strict no-no as it does cause serious damage to the infant even SIDS.

•Opt for branded organic bedding as they have been treated and the material used provides safety for the child.

•In general, it is important to ensure that the bedding has been certified as suitable for a baby.

One should follow plenty of points when bringing a child into this world, and since the baby sleeps for over 12-13 hours a day, it is important to ensure that the material is never substandard. One may opine that being too vigilant is carrying things a bit much, especially when you look at babies from lower income homes that are healthy in spite of not adhering to these rules.

But then, everyone wants to make sure that the child, irrespective of belonging to a well-heeled family or not, is looked after with care. There is nothing like paying attention to the basic rules to ensure that even if the mattresses are hand me downs, they should be aired out in the sun so that any bacteria is totally removed. But if the mattresses are damaged, it is time to opt for a new one or even a second hand one that has been treated.

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