The Damage of Chemically Infused Material to a Baby

By | August 15, 2018

It is important to ensure that a baby has the best care right from the time s/he is born.

We live in a time today where recycling of old stuff is intelligent – the reason being environmental factors and the need to join the club of doing something to save the earth. There has been considerable thought however with regard to the reuse of an old crib mattress that has been passed on from one child to another.

One of the prime concerns is that since the little bundle is shuttled from one place to another and back to the foam based products, this can cause a significant amount of volatile organic compounds.

These chemicals invariably cause immense damage to the baby while she/he sleeps.

The materials resin, adhesives, solvents etch that can elevate lung based illnesses; bring on allergies or even asthma in the child. Considering the amount of time a child sleeps in her/his bed, there is a chance that s/he will inhale all the toxins that will invariably cause immense damage to their tiny bodies.

There is information about this across the internet which based on studies have indicated that this can cause a great deal of problems in not only the respiratory canal but also elsewhere.

Flame-retardants are used in cushioning foam not only in sofa sets but also in baby mattresses, increasing risks of cancer as well – which is extremely alarming.

Since there are worrying statistics on a global footing about bedding material used, what is the alternative? Going organic is most definitely the better choice considering that the equipment used will never cause any damage.


Another ideal choice is the use of cotton instead of foam in the bedding. In many parts of the world, people use treated cotton to fit the mattresses.

They do need to be plumped up as often as possible, preferably before retiring for bed, but once this is done, there is no chance of harmful chemicals damaging the body.

The bedding can be changed after a couple of months or a year to fill in new stuff or rehash the old material that can be re-used for the child.

This is not only a convenient option, but is easy on the purse, can be designed to suit the growing child in various stages of her/his life. there is no need to follow the trend of spring, foam, or whatever is the latest craze!

The main criterion here is that while it is something of a convenience

It should be taken care of carefully as well to ensure that dirt does not stagnate and cause problems for the child. There is also a tendency for the bed to get a bit lumpy.

With this material, the mattress can be turned over instead of sticking to a particular side. At the end of the day, when it comes to the child, it is important to ensure that s/he gets all the required attention and care so that there is no chance of falling sick.

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