There is Nothing More Relaxing for a Parent than a Cheerful Gurgle

By | September 11, 2018

Babies do not form sentences to tell us whether they are happy or unhappy. They react with a smile, a gurgle or burst out in tears. This is the language of an infant until she/he says something and when this happens, it is a transformation for everyone at home. If there is any discomfort while the baby sleeps in her/his bed, there is nothing that she/he can ‘say’ to the parent.

If there is an allergic reaction, resulting in rash, the mother/father will automatically notice this and the next step is a visit to the doctor. The problem could be in the kind of material used for the bedding. For instance, if the parent uses second hand mattresses, there is an increased risk of the child falling ill, especially if the bedding has not been aired out or treated. Bacteria lodged in the material of the bedding will get into the bodily fluids of the child and cause long-term damage.

It is a fact that buying new mattresses can be extremely expensive and that is why most families pass on their hand me down beds to each other. This is either to cut costs or even for emotional reasons. If they are not stored carefully keeping away grime and fungus, the child can get ill and will pose a threat for the next child, and the next, and so on. The best crib mattress that has been handed down would have gone though much hardship no doubt, but if it is clean and without blemish, there is nothing like using the same stuff.

Today there is plenty of advertising doing the rounds, on the internet, newspapers, television, magazines, etc and most of us do not know what the right choice is. Be best educative method in the domain of bedding for children, is on the internet and from a family member who has been through the ring. The information that you can get from these sources would be the best way forward to enable you make an informed decision.

There is quite a lot of information about air mattresses doing the rounds about them being ideal for any age. However, this is just not right for babies as the surface is too soft and can cause immense discomfort and suffocation. One must follow this rule to the tee, with not only airbeds, but even air pillows, waterbeds or even beds designed for adults.

They are not at all safe for infants and can cause serious damage in the end. Therefore it is wise to be cautious about what is right for the little one before just opting for something that is comfortable for an adult.

It most certainly will be the wrong choice for the child. Another most important aspect to look into is the size of the mattress – it cannot be too snug or too big, too thin or too thick. This can cause extreme discomfort to the child and in fact is quite hazardous, even if the material is organic.

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