Toxic Material is Everywhere but Care Should be Taken for the Baby

By | August 27, 2018

Babies sleep way longer than adults and since most of their time is in this position, it is necessary for the parent to ensure that the bed is neat and tidy and does not emit poisonous material. Most people presume that infants sleep better in soft beds but it can be rather suffocating for the child and can lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The best crib mattress for the little one must be firm that is created especially for babies.

One may opine that mattresses designed for older children and adults may suffice, but this will adequately padded with firm support. Choosing a good bed is based on preference by the parent where cost, comfort and resilience are the three keys. Since the little one will be in the same cot for a couple of years, it is advisable to buy something that is suitable to sleep in until s/he is about 3-4 years. After that, it is time to upgrade to another level of bedding!

The best stuff available can be rather expensive but if you are looking at the baby’s welfare and do have the finances available, this is an option worth considering. Since there is no chance of any chemicals pieced together with this bedding material, the child will be safe and content.

Care should be taken however, with standard organic bedding, as there could be a chance that flame-retardants could be used. Since they emit poisonous gases that infiltrate the system, it can cause havoc on the baby’s overall health. Latex is another poisonous material that not only destroys the very fabric of the little one’s personal hygiene, but also her/his peace of mind with an allergic reaction.

Many a time, parents presume that the child reacts because of something that she/he ingested – probably the formula, fruit, milk, or something she/he touched. Not many wonder if the bedding could be the problem, but most often, if the material used is substandard, the little one will suffer.

Flame-retardants are used usually for foam in sofa sets and regular bedding. However, if you are going organic this cannot be the material used, as this is by no way natural. At times, when a manufacturer stresses on the authenticity of the product assuring the public that it is safe and organic, it is worth considering. However, if you have some concerns about the advertising, it is best to do some research about the brand value and take a call if this is the brand you want to go with i.e. buy the product.

From all counts, if there is a chance that someone is trying to sell natural products that are not eco-friendly, they will be found out fairly soon and they will have to shut shop. Hence, it is never a negative to do your homework and based on reactions, buy the product or shop elsewhere. What you are looking for is a global standard certification assuring the public that certain PBDE’s and other metallic materials were not used to create the bedding.

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